Activated carbon sheet

Part No.
Part No.
Activated carbon sheet

High-quality granular coconut shell activated carbon sandwiched between nonwoven fabrics

Wide range of effects
High-quality activated carbon is used for high adsorption power that removes odor and a wide range of gaseous pollutants.
Humidity conditioning
Due to its excellent humidity conditioning capability, it can be used to control dew condensation.
Cuts can also be made freely, and it is possible to install it inconspicuously since it is a thin sheet.


Our activated carbon sheet is made by sandwiching high-quality granular coconut shell activated carbon in non-woven fabric to improve handling properties.

  • Sheet surface

    Sheet surface

  • Cross section

    Cross section

  • Sheet cut

    Sheet cut


Deodorization, adsorption of harmful gases, humidity conditioning, functional sheets, filter material for pleated filter

Quality Specifications

Activated carbon (g/m2) Please contact us
Maximum size 1000㎜×50m
Thickness 1.8㎜〜
Minimum Lot Please contact us

Product processing example

  • Product processing example Sheet processing

    Sheet processing

  • Product processing example Pleated filter processing

    Pleated filter processing